Kinship volunteers represent various backgrounds, neighborhoods and religions, each one bringing  unique gifts to the table. So, depending on your time interests and talents you can engage in one or more of the following ways:


Advocacy, Organizing and Social Justice

Work with and on behalf of marginalized, the vunerable and those in need of greater social opportunities.

The Arts, Media and Communications

Share your gifts to craft and share messages through visual, print, performing, broadcast and digital media.

Management and Organizational Leadership

Offer professional consultation related to accounting, business, finance, personnel, training, etc.

Crafts, Labor and Trades

Lend your expertise for vocational projects such as construction, demolition, horticulture, landscaping, painting, etc.

Jobs and Workforce Development

Locate employment opportunities and/or support North Lawndale organizations assisting residents to ecure sustainable jobs.

Pro Bono Professonal Consulting

Provide personalized professional assistance such as advertising, legal, health, marketing, tech support, etc.

Systems, Data and Research

Help Kinship Partner Organizations to operate more efficiently with surveys, stats, records, studies, interviews, technology, etc.

Educational, Social and Spiritual Enrichment

Service on committees to plan workshops, retreats, worship services, rallies, and socials to unite the communities.

Youth Sports, Mentoring and Recreation

Work with existing organizations and teams to provide mentoring, character development, recreation and violence prevention.

Strategic and Quality of Life Planning

Join on the 16 North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council (NLCCC) subcommittees to address a focused social issue.

Unique Projects

Surface brand new ideas and assets to contribute to the Kinship mission. Let us know exactly how you feel called to get involved.

Kinship Coordination Team

Coordinate big gatherings, craft Kinship messaging, enter and manage data, provide hospitality, and more!

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