It is our mission to achieve true kinship and justice in the City of Chicago. We believe this is possible and we work hard at it every week.

Despite the racial, religious, political and economic differences among us and regardless of the divisive tone and rhetoric that is so common today, we choose to come together to identify and leveage the best of our leaders, ideas and efforts to make a real and positive difference in society.

Vincent Guider - North Lawndale Kinship Initiative Executive Director

Our community development partnership galvanizes churches, schools, community organizations, elected officials, businesses and engaged citizens in North Lawndale and Old St. Pat's Church to bring about mutual transformation. In other words, by virtue of our relationships we strive be so inwardly changed that positive outward changes are noticibly manifested as a result. We care greatly about racism, gender justice, housing, poverty, homelessness, employment, abuse, economic development, health, education, family life, youth and seniors, asthetics, the law, spirituality, mass incarceration, immigration and so much more, so we rally together behind North Lawndale organizations excellently addressing these issues. When we set our minds to tasks and roll up our sleeves to get them done incredible things happen over and over again.

We invite you to join us in our crossing of cultural boundaries to engaged in dialog, dream, plan, serve, play and pray such that we collectively shine forth Chicago's very best. Join us in this movement of KINSHIP.

Kinship Mission - Through the Kinship Initiative, people of North Lawndale and Old St. Patrick's Church walk alongside one another in friendship, sharing our talents and resources to secure justice, opportunity and the transformation of our communities.